This Is Our Story

Hello! We are Jason and Jessica. We are brother and sister. Our parents are Don and Nelda Falknor. Every family has a story and we would like to share ours with you. Don and Nelda met in high school. Though they were only fifteen at the time they somehow knew their relationship would be long-lasting. While in high school, they both discovered the need to help people and nourished each other’s giving spirits. They dedicated themselves to helping each other succeed so they could, in turn, help other people do the same. After graduation, they both attended the University of Houston. Nelda pursued her passion to help others through the completion of a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Don found his outlet through the study of foot and ankle disorders while becoming a Podiatrist. Don and Nelda worked together to establish a private practice in Podiatry. That was in 1978, the same year our parents were blessed with their first child, Jason. They were further blessed with a daughter, Jessica, in 1982.

We have witnessed our parents working tirelessly to help patients whether in their private practice or through charitable work. Every year they lead a group of medical professionals to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and operate a five day medical and surgical podiatric clinic for the indigent. They treat patients of all ages for all types of foot deformities. Through their example, we discovered in ourselves the same desire to help others which led us to the field of prosthetics and orthotics. Upon the completion of our education and with the help of our parents, we established Centers for Mobility Prosthetics in 2005. Through hard work and compassion for our patients, our practice continues to grow today. We started with a family of four and have blossomed into a larger family of certified and state licensed prosthetists, mastectomy fitters, technicians, patient advocates, peer visitors, and a podiatrist.

With you, we continue writing the story of our family. We invite you to experience our compassionate care. If you are in need of a prosthesis, brace, mastectomy product or just need to talk about your situation, call us. We’ll help. We do care!