The road to recovery is best navigated with a team of specialists trained in the care of amputees. At Centers for Mobility, our practitioners are a vital part of this interdisciplinary rehabilitation team that is critical to your successful recovery from limb loss. We have many success stories and we are sharing a few in hopes that these stories inspire and motivate individuals to reclaim their lives after amputation.

Meet Robert F.

Robert is an American soldier and hero who served in the United States Army. While serving, he was involved in an accident during military operations and lost his leg. Robert faced his amputation with determination and resolve. Every day he is determined to live life to the fullest and many times exceeds expectations. He is involved in the Lone Star Amputee Soccer Association and has recently competed in the World Cup of Soccer. He takes time to support others facing limb loss and frequently does motivational speeches. We thank Robert for allowing Centers for Mobility to be his prosthetic providers for many years!

Meet Karen C.

Karen is a retired school principal. After fighting a battle with breast cancer, she lost her leg to bone cancer. She lives alone with her three fur babies and lives an independent and ambulatory life. She is an active member of the monthly support group meetings. Karen supports other amputees by making regular phone calls and checking on them. If you need someone to lean on, Karen is always ready to help. Thank you, Karen, for selecting Centers for Mobility as your prosthetic provider! You are a true inspiration!

Meet Michael W.

Michael W. is a retired math teacher. He underwent bilateral amputations below the knees. He chose to rise above limb loss by living an independent life. Every month he attends our support group and he inspires others through motivational speaking and being an example to other amputees. His smile is contagious!

Meet Manual B.

Manual at the age of 15 was walking home from school. He took the short cut home having to cross railroad tracks. There was an approaching train so he hurried to cross, but fell on the tracks. The train ran over and amputated his leg. Manual is now in his 20’s and Centers for Mobility has been his prosthetic provider since the day of his accident. Manual always has a smile on his face and ready to tell you an interesting story. He is now a father and works hard in construction to provide for his family. We are proud to have helped Manual grow into the wonderful gentleman and father that he is!

Learning to Walk Again

CFM Prosthetics believes in the important role physical therapy plays in your ability to use your prosthesis to its fullest potential. After receiving your prosthesis, we will redirect you to your physical therapy program so you may learn to use your prosthesis to the best of your ability. Returning to physical therapy is an extremely important part of learning to walk with your prosthesis.

At Centers for Mobility Prosthetics, our specialists are ready to assist you not only in the prosthetic process, but to assist you with any questions regarding your recovery.

At your request, CFM Prosthetics’ Peer Visitors will provide voluntary peer visits at any time during your recovery from limb loss. While your limb loss experience is unique to you, a peer visitor has successfully adjusted to a similar loss. To request a peer visit call (713) 773-0969.

CFM Prosthetics works closely with H.E.L.P., a non-profit foundation serving amputees as a resource for support group meetings, information, events, and social outlets. For more information about H.E.L.P. and a support group schedule, please call (713) 429-3707.